Birth Control pills Pros and cons

Should Birth Control Pills Be Available Over-the-Counter?

Birth control pills are safer than many OTC drugs and common activities.

Between 9 and 10.6 million American women use the birth control pill. The Birth control Pills carries no risk of overdose or addiction.

Over the Counter ( OTC ) birth control would increase access for low-income and medically underserved populations.

Pros and cons of birth control pills

Pros of the Birth Control Pills

Cons of the Birth Control Pills

If you use birth control pills
side effects you may experience. The good news is that most of these side effects will go away by the second or third month of use—as your body adjusts to the progestin and/or estrogen in the pill. Birth control pills side effects may include:

  • May Cause depression
  • It may Change sexual desire
  • Decrease your interest in watching pornography